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‘I want to form part of Real Madrid’s history’ – Arda Güler explains why rejected many offers




After being unveiled as a real madrid player, Guler spoke to the media in the press room at Real Madrid city.
The Turkish midfielder had the following to say: “First of all, I’d like to remember Di stefano. This is the most important club in the world and I feel very happy and proud to be here. Many clubs have approached me, but Real Madrid was my preference. I want to bring all my football and talent to Real Madrid.”

“I’m best in the centre of midfield. But it’s not important because I want to earn my position. I want to be an offensive player and create goal scoring situations. The position is up to the coach. I play well in the centre and also on the right wing.”

“There are a lot of good players. I’m ready to compete and I’m going to earn my position, I’m going to give it everything to earn my place at the club. I want to stay and play here. If I get a chance to play I will take it. I’m not contemplating any other possibility. I’ve been offered to play and that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Real madrid have a great legacy. CR7, Ozil, Zidane, They are legends and I want to form part of this history.”

Conversations with Ancelotti
“When the process started, he called me several times and told me where he was going to play me. I respect him very much.”

First Real Madrid memories
“I remember the Champions League finals. I’ve watched all of them with my friends.”

Modrić, an inspiration in midfield
“They’re all very important, but for me Modrić is the best midfielder in the world and I’m going to take this opportunity to learn everything from him. I have a lot of respect for him.”

His relationship with Mesut Özil
“He told me that Real Madrid is the greatest club in the world. We have a brotherly relationship and he’s always spoken highly of the club and given me good advice.”

Interest from other clubs
“Many clubs have shown interest and we had contact with some, but when Real Madrid came in and told me that I’d be able to play, the rest of the offers became worthless. This is the best club in the world and they didn’t need to tell me anything else to convince me.”

Leaving Fenerbahçe
“Emotionally it has been very tough, but if the best club in the world calls you and it’s the club you want to go to. I love them all very much and I don’t want them to feel bad. They will understand me, they will hope that I succeed in my career and they will be understanding, because I’m going to the best club in the world and they will also benefit financially from my decision.”

Butragueño: “Our fans and our values will help you to face this great challenge”
Real Madrid’s Director of Institutional Relations, Emilio Butragueño, joined Arda Güller at the press conference: “Dear Arda, welcome to Real Madrid where a lot of excitement awaits you. At the club we will do everything we can to make you and your family very happy. As the club president said, our fans and our values will help you to face this great challenge. I would like to congratulate you once again. Welcome to your new home.”

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