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Jude Bellingham’s impressive start at Real Madrid: Training insights and teammate appreciation




Jude Bellingham, the talented 20-year-old midfielder who recently made a high-profile move from Borussia Dortmund to Real Madrid, has wasted no time in making an impact at his new club.

As the training sessions for the 2023-24 season commenced, Bellingham’s performances have caught the attention of the Madrid management, coach, and his fellow players.

In a recent interview, Bellingham shared his experiences during the Madrid training sessions and expressed his admiration for his new teammates.

He spoke highly of the team’s fitness coach, Pintus, acknowledging his demanding training methods while also appreciating his positive rapport with the players. Bellingham stated, “Pintus loves to kill us, and that’s his job I suppose. But yeah, I love him. He is a great guy.

Bellingham singled out Lucas Vazquez and Brahim Diaz as his biggest mentors within the team. He mentioned that they have been instrumental in his development, providing guidance and support. In a lighthearted manner, Bellingham also revealed, “Everyone’s chipping in and teaching me bad words. I can’t wait to try them out.”

One player who has particularly impressed Bellingham is the seasoned midfielder Toni Kroos. He described Kroos as a master of the game, highlighting the German’s exceptional passing ability. Bellingham marveled at Kroos’ precision and control, noting, “The ball just drops wherever he wants it to, all the time.”

Amidst his rapid adaptation to life at Real Madrid, Bellingham expressed his sheer joy and enthusiasm for his current experience.

He emphasized his love for every moment spent with the team, relishing the opportunity to learn from both his teammates and the coaching staff. Bellingham stated, “I am loving it at the minute, every moment, it’s a joy. I am really enjoying being out here with the lads, learning from the staffs.”

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