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Jude Bellingham expressed his displeasure with referee Hernández Maeso during the Real Madrid vs. Almería game




In a recent showdown between Real Madrid and Almería, the cameras from Movistar Plus+ caught a revealing moment between British footballer Jude Bellingham and referee Hernández Maeso.

According to AS, when the players headed towards the dressing rooms, the footage captured a candid exchange that highlighted the challenges faced by athletes in the midst of intense competition.

renowned for his resilience on the field, expressed his concerns to the referee.

“A foul here and there,” Jude lamented, with Hernández Maeso surprisingly acknowledging, “I agree with you on that one.”

Despite this brief moment of agreement, the referee signaled for Bellingham to leave the field.

In response, the Real Madrid player added a touch of irony, saying, “Oh, my God… great”

However, beneath the sarcasm, Bellingham’s deeper frustration was evident as he exclaimed, “You don’t give me a **** foul”, concluding with an exasperated, “Every week, the same ****.”

The core of Bellingham’s dissatisfaction stemmed from what he perceived as unfavorable decisions by the referee.

This sentiment was further fueled by an earlier incident in the first 45 minutes when Bellingham raised concerns about a robust tackle from Robertone, even illustrating the impact on his socks.

Unfortunately, these efforts did little to assuage Bellingham’s mounting frustration.

Compounding the English player’s challenges, he found himself in the referee’s book in the 101st minute, receiving a yellow card for the seemingly innocuous act of removing his shirt during the celebration of Real Madrid’s third goal.

Sadly, this means Bellingham will be sidelined for the upcoming clash against Las Palmas, intensifying his disappointment.

This incident not only offers a glimpse into the intense emotions and pressures on the football field but also underscores the significance of fair play and consistent refereeing decisions in preserving the integrity of the beautiful game.

It serves as a reminder that, beyond the goals and celebrations, the human element, including moments of frustration and disagreement, is an integral part of the sport.

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