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Karim Benzema’s departure from Real Madrid: A farewell scripted by faith and values




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Karim Benzema’s abrupt departure from Real Madrid has left both fans and football enthusiasts pondering the reasons behind his exit.

While the decision was not entirely unforeseen, it did come at a time when many anticipated him to complete the legacy he initiated in 2009. However, the French striker’s exit did not lead Real Madrid to engage in a wild chase for Kylian Mbappé, as some expected.

The ensuing media frenzy lasted only a week, and subsequently, it became clear that other players would take up the mantle of goal-scoring, with the names Jude Bellingham correctly predicted by the boldest speculators.

Benzema’s farewell was a process that took shape in the weeks leading up to the announcement, although reports suggest it had been brewing even earlier.

The pivotal factor, according to Marca, was not the economic offer itself, but a religious and social calling from Saudi Arabia that Benzema had been receiving. The forward had long held the belief that his life would be intertwined with Saudi Arabia, and the moment had arrived.

The economic offer presented to him (doubling his Real Madrid salary for three years), combined with his commitment to religion and the Saudi nation, encouraged him to ask the Real Madrid officials to disregard the remaining year of his contract. An informal agreement existed due to a verbal agreement triggered when a player wins the Ballon d’Or.

It wasn’t just about money

Crucially, this operation did not involve any monetary gain for Karim Benzema; it merely allowed Real Madrid to free up payroll space.

The relationship between the player and the club was unique and distinct from the usual, emphasizing that the Frenchman and his team may one day return to the Bernabéu to receive the tribute he rightfully deserves.

Nonetheless, Benzema is resolute in his path, with no intention of a potential return to Real Madrid or European football in another capacity.

Karim Benzema was not a typical center forward who merely pushed the ball over the goal line. He played the game and orchestrated plays. Such players are a rarity in today’s football landscape.

His final season did not do justice to the brilliance he displayed in previous years, influenced by World Cup conflicts, injuries, and delicate emotional moments, leading him to selectively choose his matches.

The formidable Benzema who earned the Ballon d’Or and was a vital asset in Champions League conquests seemed to have faded, further motivating his decision to depart after a remarkable fourteen-year tenure.

His relationship with the club remains positive, although distance naturally tempers emotions. Benzema knows where he has friends, starting with club president Florentino Pérez and teammates who hold him in high regard.

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