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Kylian Mbappe charges against France’s far-right: ‘We cannot leave our country in the hands of these people’




(Photo by Telmo Pinto/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

As Kylian Mbappé gears up for one of the most anticipated matches of his career—facing Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal in the quarterfinals of the Euros—he also finds himself stepping into a different kind of spotlight. The young French forward has always been vocal about his stance against the far-right party in France, and ahead of this crucial match, he used his platform to address the pressing issue of the upcoming France parliamentary elections.

The Football Star and His Idol

Mbappé’s admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo is no secret. The French prodigy has often spoken about how Ronaldo influenced his career and aspirations. Now, the stage is set for a thrilling showdown between two generations of football excellence. The quarterfinals promise not only a clash of titans on the field but also a narrative of legacy, respect, and ambition.

Beyond the Pitch: A Call to Civic Duty

However, it wasn’t just football on Mbappé’s mind. With the parliamentary elections around the corner, he took a moment to address a matter close to his heart—the rise of the far-right in France. Mbappé has consistently used his platform to voice his opposition to the far-right party, which he believes threatens the fabric of French society.

When asked about his views on the legislative elections, Mbappé did not hold back. “I think that more than ever we have to go vote. We cannot leave our country in the hands of these people. It is urgent. We saw the results, they were catastrophic. We really hope that it changes and that everyone mobilizes to vote and votes for the good side,” he said passionately.

His words echo the sentiments of many young French citizens who are increasingly concerned about the political direction of their country. Mbappé’s call to action is not just a political statement but a reflection of his commitment to using his influence for the greater good.

The Power of Influence

Mbappé’s stance is a powerful reminder of the impact athletes can have beyond their sports. In an era where the lines between sports, politics, and social issues are increasingly blurred, figures like Mbappé play a crucial role in shaping public discourse. His appeal to voters is particularly significant given his status as a role model for millions of young people in France and around the world.

The upcoming elections are a pivotal moment for France, with the potential to reshape the country’s political landscape. Mbappé’s intervention is timely, as it seeks to galvanize a segment of the population that might otherwise feel disenfranchised or apathetic. His message is clear: participation is essential, and the stakes are too high for complacency.

Facing the Future

As Mbappé prepares to face Portugal, his dual roles as an athlete and a public figure are on full display. On the pitch, he will strive to lead France to victory, showcasing the skills and determination that have made him one of the world’s top footballers. Off the pitch, he continues to champion causes that reflect his values and vision for a better future.

The clash against Ronaldo and Portugal is more than just a football match; it is a moment of convergence where sports and societal issues intersect. Mbappé’s readiness to engage with both aspects demonstrates a maturity and awareness that transcends his years.

In the end, whether on the football field or in the realm of public opinion, Mbappé’s influence is undeniable. His dedication to his sport is matched by his commitment to social justice, making him a true ambassador for positive change. As the world watches him take on Ronaldo, they will also hear his plea for a more inclusive and just France—a testament to the power of sport as a vehicle for social transformation.

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