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Kylian Mbappé’s mother dismisses Liverpool rumors as Paris Saint-Germain set deadline for his decision




In a highly-anticipated decision set to shape his career, Kylian Mbappé faces a deadline of 27 days to choose between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The 24-year-old’s future has been the subject of intense speculation for almost seven summers, with recent rumors suggesting a potential move to Liverpool. However, Fayza Lamari, Mbappé’s mother, firmly dismisses the Liverpool rumors.

Over the past few weeks, several English media outlets have reignited the possibility of Mbappé making a move to the United Kingdom.

His arrival in the Premier League would complete an album of stars with few precedents at the league level, attracting interest from Liverpool and a struggling Manchester United. Lamari suggests that these rumors are merely products of speculation.

Reports have suggested that Mbappé’s likely destinations were either Madrid or Paris, casting doubts on Real Madrid’s pursuit and insinuating that Erling Haaland might be the preferred option for them.

However, the Premier League is determined to use its financial resources to entice Mbappé, who holds his own future in his hands.

Lamari advises international representatives not to trust the information coming from the UK, emphasizing that the true stakes involved cannot be matched by interested parties there.

“Mbappé’s priority is not the Premier League… For now, it is not time to discuss the future. We live in the present, and we will see. It’s either Madrid or Paris – nothing more,” stated the Mbappé family to international agents with direct access to the Bernabeu, via DefensaCentral.

This reiterates the notion that the 24-year-old has only ever had two options in mind. While the Premier League possesses significant financial power, Mbappé’s heart may not be swayed by monetary offers.

As the January 1st deadline approaches, during which any club can offer their services to Mbappé, it is ultimately his desire that will determine the outcome of this ongoing saga.

The Mbappé camp expects contact from a representative in the United Kingdom, as Liverpool and other interested parties attempt to secure the services of the highly coveted French star.

At present, Mbappé’s entourage views a move to either the Bernabeu or Parc des Princes as the most probable outcome.

The coming days will reveal whether Mbappé chooses to embark on a new chapter in Madrid or remains loyal to his beloved Parisian club.

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