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Marcelo praised Bellingham’s phenomenal start at Real Madrid




In a heartwarming gesture, Marcelo, the iconic figure of Real Madrid, graced the squad with his presence, extending his heartfelt wishes for the team’s success in the Super Cup, expressing his hopes for victory in the upcoming tournament.

Amidst his visit, Marcelo revealed a personal connection to one of Real Madrid’s rising stars, Jude Bellingham. The Brazilian veteran shared that Jude holds a special place as an idol for his son Liam, expressing his desire to capture a cherished moment with the young talent.

Marveling at Bellingham’s exceptional performance, Marcelo commended the English midfielder’s extraordinary start at Real Madrid, acknowledging his near-flawless performance, describing it as “tremendous” and almost “unbeatable.”

“Jude is the idol of my son Liam and I wanted to take a picture with him. I see him very well. He has had a very good start. We know that at Real Madrid you always have to improve but his start is tremendous, almost unbeatable,” said Marcelo via Madrid Xtra.

Bellingham’s swift integration into the Real Madrid fold has been nothing short of spectacular.

The 20-year-old’s meteoric rise has seen him emerge as La Liga’s current top scorer, netting an impressive tally of 12 goals, while also leaving a mark in the Champions League with four significant goals to his credit.

His prowess on the field has earned him prestigious accolades, including last year’s Golden Boy Award and the Kopa Trophy, further solidifying his reputation as one of football’s brightest prospects.

Marcelo’s admiration for Bellingham’s sensational start resonates with the sentiments echoed within the club. The English sensation’s exceptional goal-scoring record, accolades, and seamless adaptation to the Real Madrid setup underscore his pivotal role in the team’s aspirations for success.

As Real Madrid braces for upcoming challenges, the impact of Bellingham’s talent continues to captivate audiences worldwide. With seasoned professionals like Marcelo acknowledging his prowess,

Bellingham’s rise signifies a promising future for Real Madrid, where his contributions remain integral to the club’s quest for triumphs both domestically and in Europe.

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