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Marcelo slams Jack Grealish following Club World Cup final




(Photo by Marcio Machado/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images)

In a post-match incident that unfolded after Manchester City’s dominant victory over Fluminense in the Club World Cup final, former Real Madrid captain Marcelo, who currently plays for the Brazilian side, expressed his disapproval of Jack Grealish’s behavior. The four-goal thrashing left a bitter taste, intensified by the actions of the City player.

Felipe Melo angered

Marcelo’s teammate and veteran, Felipe Melo, shed light on the situation. He revealed that Grealish was heard shouting ‘ole’ during the game. Melo, visibly upset, addressed the matter, stating, “Today Grealish was disrespectful towards the Fluminense institution, and I will never let that happen. He was shouting ole at the end of the game. This is for the fans; the fans can shout ole,” he told Caze TV (h/t Daily Mail)

Felipe continued: “The athlete on the field cannot be disrespectful towards the institution. So, for the idiots who call themselves journalists and have already said that I started trouble, I didn’t start any confusion. On the contrary, I went to defend Martinelli, who was being cornered by this athlete. And I would do it again. I am a warrior.”


Felipe Melo and Grealish got in a physical confrontation at full-time and had to be separated.

Marcelo addresses Grealish

Marcelo, known for his illustrious career at Real Madrid, where he won the Club World Cup four times, voiced his opinion on the matter, stating: “Everyone does what they want. I have my head; I won’t say if it’s right or wrong. In this competition, he has won it once, and I have four trophies. I know how difficult it is to get to this competition, both at Real Madrid and at Fluminense.”

The legendary left-back, adding to his collection of achievements, recently clinched the Copa Libertadores with Fluminense last month. Marcelo’s extensive experience and success on the global stage give weight to his critique of Grealish’s actions, highlighting the importance of sportsmanship and respect within the footballing community.

As the football world reflects on this incident, Marcelo’s strong stance underscores the significance of upholding the values that go beyond the scoreboard, emphasizing that even in victory, respect for the game and fellow athletes should remain paramount.

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