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Mbappé made a decision that may not be pleasing to Real Madrid




Anticipation surrounding Kylian Mbappé future is growing even in England, where the British press reports on an imminent decision that could create tension for both Real Madrid and PSG.

With just 15 days left for the forward to become a free agent, the landscape becomes crucial heading into the 2024 season.

According to reports from the British press, Mbappé has made a decision that may not be pleasing to either Real Madrid or PSG. The situation appears as déjà vu for both clubs, as they have already experienced a similar situation in the past.

However, Real Madrid seems determined to finalize everything before January 15, a deadline that would allow them to prepare for different scenarios, including the possibility of seeking alternatives in the market if the forward opts for other offers, possibly linked to Qatar and Doha’s money.

Jonathan Jonhson, a UK sports journalist, shared his analysis on PSG Talk, via DefensaCentral, pointing out that Mbappé has other timelines in mind to announce his future. This scenario would unfold after the Champions League and when PSG is no longer involved in high-level competitions.

The urgency of Real Madrid contrasts with this perspective, but the white club aims to avoid a prolongation of the drama, as happened in 2022.

Regarding rumors involving the Premier League, Jonhson considers it difficult to imagine Mbappé rejecting Real Madrid if he leaves PSG.

Although there has been talk of interest from clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal, the journalist maintains that the real dispute is between the Bernabéu and the Parc des Princes.

With only two weeks left for the transfer market saga to conclude, the United Kingdom watches closely how the cards will unfold.

Mbappé seems willing to wait until the end of the Champions League to make a decision, while Real Madrid, firm in its stance, and PSG, confident in its position, prepare to play their cards from January 1.

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