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Mbappe will sign for Real Madrid this summer – report




Kylian Mbappe has a contract with PSG until 2024 of which there is an option to extend for an additional year which can be triggered by the player only. However, that option seems not to materialize as the player and his entourage have sent a formal letter to his current club informing them that they will not be triggering that option.

PSG have an ultimatum; either the player renews his contract to 2025 or they will sell him this summer. The reason being that they will not see him leave for free in 2024. This has created a widespread perception amongst many that there is a chance his dream of playing for Real Madrid will finally be fulfilled this summer.

Real Madrid had an initial plan of going after the player in 2024 when he will be free from any contract that binds him to the Parisian club. Despite this, if PSG put a price on him this summer, Real Madrid will submit a bid. Despite the deal likely to be not less than 200 million euros, Real Madrid look set to go for him. Los Blancos already submitted a bid around that amount to sign him in 2021 when he had a year left on his contract.

The latest twist to this has been the news published by the Paris website PSG Community. The report claims that an agreement has been reached between Real Madrid and PSG for Mbappé. The fee will be around 200 million euros – 250 milllion euros.

They further outline that the 2018 World Cup winner will leave PSG and sign for Real Madrid this summer. The decision came from the very top and in line with Kylian Mbappé’s departure to Real Madrid, Luis Campos will also step down as director of football for PSG.

What is certain is that this will not be the end of a saga that has got the football world on its feet. Stay tuned, as August is the longest month in football (and it’s not even July yet).



  1. Avatar

    Jesus Pineda

    June 24, 2023 at 8:28 am

    Idk about Luis campos leaving psg. I think fabrizio already confirmed that he’s 100% staying. This is why I don’t trust “psg community”. But who knows..

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