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Mbappé’s contract situation: A recap and what lies ahead




As we step into 2024, the football world is buzzing with speculation around Kylian Mbappé’s contract, set to end in June.

The French star is facing a familiar situation, reminiscent of 2022, when lengthy negotiations resulted in a two-season extension with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Two years have passed since that renewal, marked by constant rumors of Mbappé’s possible exit. In the summer of 2023, he found himself in the final year of his contract after PSG refused his initial renewal rejection.

However, things have changed in Paris since May 2022. Messi and Neymar left, and PSG shifted its strategy to focus on a younger team without big-name players, but success in the UEFA Champions League remained elusive.

Meanwhile, Mbappé became PSG’s top scorer but couldn’t secure the coveted European title.

His remarkable performance in the World Cup, where he almost outshone Messi with a memorable hat-trick, has added more uncertainty to the ongoing drama about his future. As June approaches, the five-year-long Mbappé transfer saga seems headed for a resolution.

If Mbappé chooses to stay in Paris, talks suggest it might be for an extended period. However, if he decides to leave, PSG will enter a new phase, moving away from the 2011 project initiated by Qatar to gather the world’s best players through external investment.

Since his return to the team in August, after a turbulent summer marked by a letter in June stating his refusal to renew until 2025, exclusion from the Japan tour, and PSG’s push for his departure without renewal, rumors about Mbappé’s contract have quieted down.

The player has stayed quiet in public, even in the French national team, and PSG aims to avoid a repeat of the constant news buzz from 2022. Until January, both parties focused only on on-field performance.

In the coming weeks, Qatar and PSG plan to start discussions on Mbappé’s contract. Recognizing the Champions League’s potential impact on negotiations, PSG remains calm, emphasizing that urgency won’t dictate the extension timeline.

Mbappé, on his part, has stated his wish to avoid fueling rumors and stays committed to delivering on the field.

As the story unfolds, the football world finds itself in a situation similar to 2022, with multiple stakeholders involved. PSG aims to secure Mbappé’s services for the next five seasons, while the player faces a crucial decision—whether to continue in Paris or take a decisive step in his career with another club.

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