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Nico Paz’s transition between Castilla and Real Madrid’s first team explained




The ongoing rapport between Raúl and Ancelotti has laid out a clear pathway for a rising prospect in Nico Paz, who has garnered significant support from the Castilla coach, according to reports from DefensaCentral.

The report indicates that Ancelotti’s consistent attention to nurturing young talents has prompted regular discussions with Raúl. Notably, recent conversations have emphasized the prominence of Castilla’s emerging players.

Recently injuries have forced the inclusion of youngsters like Gonzalo and Nico Paz in the senior squad. Nico Paz’s remarkable goal against Napoli reportedly raised eyebrows within the club.

Reportedly, Ancelotti has taken a keen interest in Nico Paz’s potential, collaborating closely with Raúl to assess the midfielder’s evolving role within the team.

The strategic plan in motion suggests that Nico Paz will increasingly straddle between Castilla and the first team. The source suggests Real Madrid acknowledges the need for a more challenging environment for his development.

DefensaCentral’s reports also suggest a careful consideration regarding Nico Paz’s playing time, with the club’s awareness that sitting on the bench won’t facilitate his growth. There’s an understanding that limited opportunities might arise if he transitions entirely to the first team.

Raúl’s commendations of Nico Paz as a “special” player capable of excelling at the highest level are crucial. Now, Ancelotti holds the responsibility of determining the extent of his involvement in the team.

There is a possibility of Nico Paz being awarded a first-team spot next season, contingent on Ancelotti’s tenure. The immediate trajectory of Nico Paz seems hinged on Ancelotti’s decisions, with Raúl’s strong backing.

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