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Official: VAR audios to be made public in Spain starting next month




In a significant development for football enthusiasts, La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have jointly announced groundbreaking measures aimed at enhancing transparency within the sport. The pivotal change involves the release of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) and referee audios to the public will provide fans with unprecedented access to the decision-making process during matches.

Official statement

The official statement from the Spanish Football Federation outlined the details of the agreement. It stated, “The RFEF and LaLiga have agreed to publish the conversations between the referees and the VAR in the review of the plays. The project will start on January 10, 2024, both in the Super Cup and LaLiga.”

Commencing in January 2024, this initiative will mark a significant departure from traditional practices in football. Such conversations between match officials were typically kept confidential. By opening up the dialogue between referees and VAR, fans will gain valuable insights into the decision-making dynamics that influence the outcome of matches.

Fans to get closer view

This move is expected to bring supporters closer to the action, allowing them to understand the intricacies of pivotal moments and controversial decisions on the field. The decision to implement this measure not only reflects a commitment to transparency but also acknowledges the evolving role of technology in modern football.

The use of VAR has been a topic of debate and discussion since its introduction, with opinions on its efficacy and impact on the game varying widely. By releasing the audio of conversations between referees and VAR officials to the public, La Liga and the RFEF are taking a bold step to demystify the decision-making process and provide fans with a more immersive and informed football experience.

This transparency initiative is poised to have ripple effects across the footballing landscape, potentially influencing other leagues and football organizations to adopt similar measures. As fans eagerly await the kickoff of this new era in football transparency, the move by La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation stands as a testament to their commitment to engaging and satisfying football enthusiasts worldwide.

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