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Opinion: Carlo Ancelotti’s revolutionary approach with Jude Bellingham




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Carlo Ancelotti has always been known for his innovative approach and willingness to think outside the box.

His latest experiment involves utilizing midfielder Jude Bellingham as a striker, which raises some intriguing questions. While Bellingham possesses a diverse skill set, including strong dribbling and creative passing, his lack of experience in the striker role is a valid concern.

One of the primary uncertainties surrounding Bellingham’s ability to play as a striker is his finishing prowess. Scoring goals consistently is a crucial aspect of the position, and it remains to be seen if Bellingham can adapt effectively.

However, Ancelotti may be relying on Bellingham’s other strengths to compensate for any potential shortcomings in front of goal.

Introducing Bellingham as a striker could significantly impact the team’s dynamics, particularly for the other forwards. Players like Vinicius Jr. and Rodrigo could benefit from Bellingham’s presence, as he may create more space and opportunities for them to excel.

Despite the potential drawbacks, there are also several advantages to Ancelotti’s bold decision.

Firstly, it could add an extra dimension to the team’s attack, making them more unpredictable and harder to defend against. Secondly, it could increase the team’s flexibility, allowing them to switch tactics and formations without having to make substitutions.

And finally, it could help to develop Bellingham’s all-round game, making him a more complete player.

On the other hand, there is a risk that Bellingham’s new role could disrupt the team’s balance and hinder the other forwards from reaching their full potential.

One potential drawback of deploying Bellingham as a striker is the potential compromise in defensive solidity. Bellingham is not a natural defender, and his positioning and defensive contributions may not be as effective as a traditional striker.

This could leave the team vulnerable to counter-attacks and place additional pressure on the rest of the defensive unit.

Furthermore, the physical demands of playing as a striker could test Bellingham’s fitness. The role requires constant movement, battling with defenders, and enduring physical challenges.

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