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Pedri praises Madrid’s midfield maestro Bellingham




In a recent statement, Pedri, the Barcelona midfielder, showered praise on Madrid’s rising star, Bellingham.

Expressing his admiration, Pedri said, “Bellingham has surprised me a lot. He is in a moment where every shot he takes ends in a goal,” via Barca Universal on Twitter.

This commendation comes in the wake of Bellingham’s stellar performance since joining Madrid from Dortmund for a staggering €100 million.

Bellingham, who scored a brace against Barcelona in October, has been in scintillating form and currently holds the top scorer position in La Liga.

Pedri’s acknowledgment adds to the growing recognition of the young midfielder’s talent and goal-scoring prowess, making him a standout figure in Madrid’s formidable squad.

The €100 million transfer fee, initially raising eyebrows, now seems like a strategic investment as Bellingham continues to shine on the pitch, living up to the expectations set by his significant move to the Spanish capital.

With every shot turning into a goal, Bellingham is undoubtedly making a significant impact, and his contributions have not gone unnoticed by both teammates and rivals alike.

Madrid’s midfield dynamo appears to be living up to the hype, leaving fans eager to witness more of his football magic in the ongoing season.

The meteoric ascent of Madrid’s midfield maestro, Bellingham, reached new heights as he clinched the prestigious Golden Boy award and the Kopa Trophy at the recent Ballon d’Or ceremony last year.

Having received these prestigious honors after his move to BVB, Bellingham’s rise to prominence showcases a remarkable journey.

The awards not only acknowledge his outstanding talent but also affirm his status as one of football’s brightest prospects.

As Bellingham’s goal-scoring brilliance captivates audiences, his impact on the sport continues to grow, leaving fans eager to witness more of his magic in the ongoing season.

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