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Real Madrid Castilla manager Raul addresses potential youth promotions amidst injury crisis




In response to Real Madrid’s current injury challenges, Raul, the manager of Real Madrid Castilla, expressed the possibility of promoting several academy players to the first team.

Quoted by MARCA, Raul emphasized the imminent consideration of youth talents to bolster the senior squad during this demanding period.

Ragarding the possibility of players being promoted into the first team, Raul Gonzalez said: “I see the option of Ancelotti turning to the youth team as imminent. Depending on the circumstances and each moment, he will decide what is best for the first tea,

“Communication is daily, and when he returns to training the first team, he will decide who can help, and it will be a joy for me if they are called up to the first team. I will have to bring up players from Madrid C, and the others will also be happy,” Raul stated.

Highlighting the coach’s optimism about the readiness of academy players, Raul asserted, “The decision of who the players are rests with Ancelotti, and being Castilla players, they must always be ready. They have always performed well, and that is our job. There are players, there is material for them to be useful in the first team.”

Reflecting on Real Madrid Castilla’s recent match against Algeciras, Raul analyzed the team’s performance, acknowledging both positive and challenging aspects. “It was a very demanding match in which we were imprecise, and due to a lack of attention, they took the lead.

“From there, the team began to dominate and gain control. We managed to equalize, and in a very close situation, they scored the second goal, which I think hurt us a bit.”

Commenting on the team’s lack of finishing touch, Raul explained, “The team performed at a good individual level and collectively against experienced teams with good players.

“If they reach you three times and score two goals, and if you reach 8 or 9 times and don’t score, these things usually happen. I am satisfied with almost everything except the result. It wasn’t expected, and we would have liked to take three points.”

Raul’s insights provide a glimpse into the strategic considerations and challenges faced by Real Madrid as they navigate the current injury crisis, emphasizing the potential involvement of promising young talents from the academy.

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