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Real Madrid confirm ‘serious’ injury to Vinicius Junior, player set to return in 2024




Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Real Madrid fans received unfortunate news as the club confirmed that their dynamic winger, Vinicius Junior, has sustained a significant injury. The Brazilian player was substituted during the first half in a recent match against Colombia, prompting concerns about the extent of his condition.

Following the substitution, Vinicius underwent a series of tests conducted by the Brazilian national team’s medical staff. The results confirmed an injury to the posterior muscle of his left thigh, leading to the decision that he should return to Madrid for further evaluation and treatment.

Official statement

Real Madrid, in an official statement released today, provided more details about Vinicius Junior’s injury. The statement from the club’s Medical Services revealed, “After the tests carried out today on our player Vinicius Jr., he has been diagnosed with a rupture in the femoral biceps with involvement of the distal tendon in his left leg. Pending evolution.”

Return date

The severity of the injury suggests a challenging recovery period for the talented winger. Reports from Spain indicate that Vinicius Junior is expected to be sidelined for approximately 10 weeks. This timeline puts his potential return around February, which aligns with crucial fixtures in the European football season.

The timing of Vinicius Junior’s injury is particularly disappointing for Real Madrid, as the player could miss key matches during his absence. However, the club and fans will undoubtedly hope for a swift and successful recovery for the young Brazilian, anticipating his return to bolster the team’s performance in the latter stages of the season.

As the football world awaits updates on Vinicius Junior’s recovery, Real Madrid will need to adapt their strategies and lineups in the coming weeks. The absence of such a dynamic and influential player poses a challenge for the team, but it also provides an opportunity for other squad members to step up and make their mark on the pitch.

Injuries are an inevitable part of sports, and Real Madrid will now focus on supporting Vinicius Junior through his rehabilitation journey. The club’s medical staff will play a crucial role in monitoring his progress and ensuring a thorough recovery process.

While setbacks like these are always disheartening, the resilience of both Vinicius Junior and Real Madrid will be tested. Football enthusiasts will be eagerly anticipating the winger’s return, hoping to see him back in action and contributing to Real Madrid’s pursuit of success in domestic and international competitions.

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