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Real Madrid continues battle for refereeing reform – report




Photo via RFEF


Real Madrid have reiterated its dedication to challenging the current state of refereeing in the sport, according to the latest reports from MARCA.

This declaration extends beyond their recent derby match woes, encompassing a broader mission to reshape the entire refereeing structure.

From the heart of Valdebebas, where the Real Madrid club is headquartered, their message is clear – they remain unyielding in their pursuit of a radical transformation in the world of football officiating.

Their discontent runs deep, not confined solely to perceived injustices in recent games, but encompassing broader apprehensions about the state of football itself.

RMTV charges against refereeing

Real Madrid’s own television station hasn’t shied away from spotlighting what they deem “glaring errors” in refereeing decisions, with a particular focus on the contentious derby match.

Their protest against the current refereeing status quo has been a long-standing affair, marked by a demand for a complete overhaul of the refereeing management.

Smoke from the Negreira saga

This stance predates the Negreira case, an incident that saw the former vice-president of the Referees’ Technical Committee (CTA) allegedly receiving funds from Barcelona.

Since this revelation came to light, Real Madrid has been unwavering in their pursuit of a comprehensive transformation of refereeing management.

The club firmly believes that any remnants of the past within the ranks of the CTA (Technical Committee of Referees) cast a shadow of suspicion over the competition. Their commitment is unwavering in cleansing the refereeing community of any associations with a questionable past.

Real Madrid’s leadership has remained vigilant and actively engaged in this ongoing battle. They have actively sought answers and clarity, refusing to be passive bystanders in the Negreira case.

To express their discontent, Real Madrid has utilized various channels, leveraging their own media outlets to voice their grievances.

While it’s not uncommon for teams to express displeasure when they feel aggrieved, what sets Real Madrid apart is their unwavering stance on eradicating any connections to the past, particularly those individuals who are still involved in the present.

A notable objective of Real Madrid is the removal of Carlos Clos Gómez from the VAR, a move they consider crucial in their longstanding battle for reform.

As the Real Madrid continues its unrelenting quest for justice and reform in the world of football refereeing, their determination remains unwavering.

Their message is unequivocal: they will not cease their efforts until they witness substantial changes in the refereeing landscape. This ongoing saga reflects their resolute commitment to upholding the integrity of the sport they hold dear.

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