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Real Madrid defender picks 5-a-side team without Bellingham, says he feels comfortable at Real




(Photo via Real Madrid)

Real Madrid defender Antonio Rüdiger, recently shared insights on various aspects of his football journey and life in Madrid during an interview with DAZN. From discussing his games against imposing opponents to sharing his admiration for rising talents like Jude Bellingham, Rüdiger provided a glimpse into his world as a professional footballer.

In the interview, Rüdiger praised the maturity of Jude Bellingham, emphasizing the youngster’s unselfish style of play. He acknowledged the pressure Bellingham faces at such a young age in a club like Real Madrid, where expectations are sky-high, highlighting the player’s ability to contribute positively to the team.

“When you talk to Jude Bellingham, you feel like you are talking to a man. What I like the most about him? He is not selfish, he does things that allow him to progress and benefit the team. Bellingham’s reputation in this club at this age is unbelievable – I say to myself ‘How much pressure will he have if he doesn’t score in two matches’, here people will wonder what is going on if that happens.”

When it came to assembling his dream 5-a-side team from the current squad, the Real Madrid defender choices reflected a mix of tenacity, versatility, and skill. Carvajal earned praise for his relentless style of play, likened to that of a pit bull.

Camavinga was acknowledged for his all-around capabilities, while midfield maestros Modrić and Kroos were natural selections. Vinícius rounded out the lineup, with Rüdiger commending the Brazilian’s ability to take on multiple opponents.

“Carvajal. He’s like a pit bull. A machine. Camavinga, because he really can do everything. Then of course Luka Modrić. Then Toni Kroos. And Vinícius, he can take on four opponents on his own.”

Addressing the dynamic nature of young talents like Camavinga, Vinícius, and Bellingham, the Real Madrid defender acknowledged the balance between their youthful exuberance and the seriousness required at the top level. This blend, according to him, contributes positively to the team’s dynamics, fostering a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere.

Real Madrid defender

Rüdiger joined Real Madrid on a free transfer in the summer of 2022 from Chelsea

“Young players like Camavinga, Vini Jr, and Bellingham are performing well, but at the same time, they are young and want to have fun. This mixture of fun with seriousness is good and very beneficial for the group.”

Expressing his contentment with life in Madrid, Rüdiger described the city as calming and expressed his desire to continue playing for Real Madrid for an extended period. He highlighted the tranquility of the city, appreciating the lack of traffic noise and the overall positive living conditions that Madrid offers.

“I feel very comfortable here at Real Madrid – I want to continue at this club for a long time. People in Madrid are calm, I am simply very comfortable. You do not hear any sound in the traffic – the people, the weather, everything is great.”

Rüdiger also shed light on his passion for defending against tough opponents, relishing moments when the odds are stacked against him. He spoke about facing towering figures like Erling Haaland and Victor Osimhen, stating a preference for such challenges over defending against shorter players like Lionel Messi.

“Defending against tough opponents? It is what I live for. Those are the moments I love – when all odds are against you when everyone talks against you. This is how it was with Haaland. I live for those moments. It is tough to defend against tall players like [Erling] Haaland or [Victor] Osimhen, but I prefer to play against players of this height – rather than players of the height like [Lionel] Messi for example.”

In summary, Antonio Rüdiger’s interview provides fans with a deeper understanding of the mindset and experiences of a top-level footballer at Real Madrid. From his admiration for emerging talents to his love for challenging defensive situations, Rüdiger’s words offer a captivating insight into the world of one of Real Madrid’s key defenders.

Real Madrid are currently in Berlin preparing for their final Champions League group game against Bundesliga side Union Berlin.

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