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Real Madrid do not want La Liga cameras inside dressing room




(Photo by Angel Martinez/Getty Images)


Going into the new season, La Liga introduced a new initiative which included more fan exposure to what happens on and off the pitch.

This included halftime interviews, tactical chats during cooling breaks, and cameras in dressing rooms. However, Real Madrid strongly opposes the installation of cameras in the dressing room, considering it a sacred space.

In response to these developments, Coach Ancelotti remarked during his pre-match press conference before traveling to Almeria: “For me, the locker room is sacred. It doesn’t make sense for me to have a camera before a game.”

Reports suggest that Real Madrid is planning to file a lawsuit against La Liga, disregarding the potential loss of €13 million in TV revenue temporarily, with the aim of permanently stopping this specific measure.

Real Madrid are yet to play a home game this season so it is not yet know how the situation will play out. But from all indications, the 14-time European champions are not going to allow cameras in their locker room.

The situation appears to be a significant stand by Real Madrid. What’s your take on this development?

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