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Real Madrid do not welcome the choice of Javier Alberola Rojas to officiate the Spanish Super Cup

Emmanuel Adjetey



The choice of Javier Alberola Rojas to officiate the Spanish Super Cup clash between Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid did not sit well with Real Madrid. In charge of officiating the La Liga derby, he was criticized by the team for a number of mistakes that proved to be crucial in Atleti’s 3-1 victory.

The only defeat all year was with Javier Alberola Rojas.” The host remembered before moving on to a segment where they go over what they believe to be significant errors made by the referee during the LaLiga derby. They make note of the referee, with whom Real Madrid only prevails in half of their matches.

“After all the mistakes against Real Madrid in the last derby at the Metropolitano, they will whistle in the Super Cup.” ironically, in the video, they criticize.

Three plays from the game versus Atletico de Madrid are given particular attention in the article. According to Real Madrid TV, Bellingham was not clearly fouled by the referee prior to Morata’s third-minute goal. Furthermore, Rüdiger’s positional offside at the halftime whistle resulted in Alberola Rojas nullifying a goal by Camavinga. “Although the The reality is that it does not intervene in the play ,” they say.
“A clear red that turned yellow” in a foul on Rodrygo on the edge of half-time that would have left the colchoneros with ten for the entire second half.

RMTV also recalls two prior season refereeing errors: Benzema’s offensive foul against Valencia that resulted in a goal being annulled and Brahim’s missed penalty against Mallorca.

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