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Real Madrid face huge Kylian Mbappe problem ahead of pre-season




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A few months ago, Real Madrid announced that players participating in the semifinals of the European Championship (Euros) and Copa America would not join the club’s U.S. tour, scheduled to begin at the end of July. This decision was made to ensure these players receive adequate rest and recovery time before the new season starts.

Last night, Kylian Mbappé could not play a usual crucial role in leading France to a semifinal spot in the Euros after a dramatic penalty shootout victory against Portugal. The player himself asked coach Didier Deschamps to take him off during extra time due. The reason, according to the 25-year-old and the coach himself, was due to tiredness.

Consequently, Real Madrid will be without key players Eduardo Camavinga, Ferland Mendy, Aurélien Tchouaméni, and Mbappé for their pre-season preparations in the United States. The primary reason for this exclusion is to provide these players with a much-needed vacation following their rigorous international commitments.

The Challenge for Real Madrid

This situation presents a significant challenge for Real Madrid. The absence of these players, particularly Mbappé, during the pre-season is a notable setback. Pre-season is a critical period for clubs, allowing players to build chemistry, adapt to new tactics, and undergo intensive physical conditioning. Real Madrid’s highly regarded physical trainer, Antonio Pintus, plays a pivotal role during this period, ensuring players reach peak fitness levels for the demanding season ahead.

Mbappé’s absence means he will miss crucial training sessions with Pintus, potentially impacting his physical preparedness for the upcoming season. After last night’s game, Mbappé acknowledged his fatigue, further emphasizing the need for rest. However, this also highlights the potential difficulties Real Madrid might face in integrating him into the team seamlessly once the season begins.

Importance of Pre-Season Training

Pre-season training is not just about physical fitness; it also involves tactical drills, team-building activities, and developing a cohesive unit. For new signings like Mbappé, who joined Real Madrid in a high-profile transfer, this period is essential for adapting to the club’s playing style and forging understanding with teammates. Missing these sessions can delay his acclimatization process, affecting his initial performances and the team’s overall dynamics.

Additionally, the absence of Camavinga, Mendy, and Tchouaméni, all of whom play significant roles in the squad, means the coaching staff will have to adjust their pre-season plans. Integrating new players and building tactical coherence without these key figures adds to the complexity of the pre-season preparation.

Potential Solutions and Adjustments

To mitigate the impact of these absences, Real Madrid’s coaching staff may need to adopt alternative strategies. This could involve focusing more on younger players and those not involved in international tournaments, giving them an opportunity to step up and impress. It may also require personalized training plans for the returning internationals to accelerate their reintegration once they are back from their vacations.

Moreover, Real Madrid could consider arranging additional training sessions or friendly matches later in the pre-season to help the returning players catch up. These adjustments will be crucial in ensuring the team is well-prepared for the competitive season despite the initial setbacks.

Looking Ahead

While the situation poses challenges, it also presents an opportunity for Real Madrid’s coaching staff to demonstrate their adaptability and resourcefulness. Managing the workload and integration of key players like Mbappé will be critical in the early stages of the season. The club’s ability to navigate these challenges successfully could play a significant role in their pursuit of domestic and international success in the upcoming campaign.

In conclusion, Real Madrid’s pre-season plans have been significantly affected by the international commitments of key players. The absence of Mbappé, Camavinga, Mendy, and Tchouaméni poses challenges but also offers opportunities for other squad members to shine. The coaching staff’s ability to adapt and manage these situations will be crucial in setting the foundation for a successful season ahead.

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