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Real Madrid; leading across every area

Emmanuel Adjetey



In addition to their impressive statistics (leading the league and winning their group in the Champions League), is their impressive football adaption to Ancelotti’s diamond. Their impressive health record (overcoming eight injuries in a single game) is making Real Madrid experience a physically promising moment. MARCA provides data that indicates the whites best performance as the one in the Mallorca game. As the primary reference for this purpose, the distance covered at high-intensity efforts above 24 km/h, or 192 sprints and nearly 4 km, is used.

The average distance covered by Madrid players this season at speeds exceeding 24 km/h is 3,584 meters. The record was broken by Mallorca, reaching 3,855 meters. During Braga’s visit to the Bernabéu, the season’s high was set at 4,716. The previous game, a 0-0 draw with Rayo, saw 4,300 meters exceeded. In their last eight games, Madrid has been closer than ever to two records against Mallorca. It should be mentioned that Madrid’s best results came in the final quarter of an hour of the game. Additionally, there were 192 sprints in total, which was more than the season average of 186.

Stats from the Mallorca game

The data from the  Mallorca game highlights the efforts of Fran García, who covered the greatest distance of the game at over 24 km/h (734 meters). The left-back finished as the second player with the most distance traveled, 10.7 kilometers, only behind the Majorcan player Samu (12.2). It is also significant that Bellingham (622) is ranked second in that list.

Super Cup and Champions league drawing near

Due to the Super Cup’s closeness, Madrid’s technical and physical staff led by Carlo Ancelotti and Antonio Pintus will have to improve the team’s physical performance. This is to give them a better chance to win the first title of the season in Saudi Arabia. That is not, however, the season’s maximum peak, which will ideally reach its pinnacle in the upcoming European Cup final. Instead, it will increase steadily as the Champions League returns in February.

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