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Real Madrid making a concrete move to sign a 19-year-old winger this January




Real Madrid is looking to reinforce its youth teams in the upcoming winter transfer market, despite not expecting changes in the main team. The focus is on Castilla, the youth team, with a specific target identified for potential promotion.

According to Relevo, Jeremy de León, a 19-year-old winger from Castellón, is the primary target for this transfer window. Real Madrid has intensified efforts to sign him, given his strong attributes such as strength and dribbling skills.

The left-footed player, who typically operates on the wing but is versatile, has attracted interest for several months. He has played 13 matches this season, with limited playing time due to a contractual issue.

As his contract expires in July and has not been renewed, a move in January seems likely, with Real Madrid as the preferred destination. Villarreal and Valencia are also interested, but Real Madrid aims to secure an agreement with Castellón soon.

Born in San Juan, Jeremy de León moved to Spain as a teenager to pursue his dream of becoming a professional football player. The winger’s mother, Vilmaris, made significant sacrifices to support her son’s aspirations.

Castellón has been attempting to renew De León’s contract, offering a substantial deal. However, given his appeal to top clubs, including rejected offers from Valencia last summer, Castellón now seems to be acknowledging his potential departure in January.

The signing of Jeremy de León would bolster Raúl’s squad, providing additional options on the wing. The move aligns with Real Madrid’s strategy to strengthen its youth teams.

The potential addition of Jeremy de León to Real Madrid’s youth ranks reflects the club’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent. The winger, with a reputation for strength and versatility, aligns with Real Madrid’s vision of securing promising players who can contribute to the future success of the first team.

As the club aims to maintain a strong presence in various competitions, investing in talented youngsters like De León ensures a robust pipeline for sustained success.

The pursuit of De León not only addresses the immediate needs of the youth team but also acts as a proactive measure against potential departures from the senior squad.

With the winter transfer window looming, and considering interest from other clubs, Real Madrid’s swift action in securing De León’s signature underscores their strategic approach to talent acquisition.

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