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Real Madrid monitors Premier League chaos amid Man City and Chelsea troubles




Real Madrid is keeping a close eye on the fallout from the Premier League’s sanctions against Everton for breaching financial fair play rules.

The incident has sparked rumors of other clubs under scrutiny, with Manchester City and Chelsea taking center stage.

Manchester City faces formal charges of 115 financial fair play violations, prompting discussions of potential severe penalties, including a 30-point deduction or automatic relegation.

Real Madrid could potentially benefit from Manchester City’s troubles.

If Manchester City were to face relegation to the Championship, financial constraints might force the club to part ways with top players.

One notable name in this scenario is Erling Haaland, whose high salary might pose challenges in the English second division. Haaland could seek new destinations, and the Santiago Bernabéu is among the potential options.

While the likelihood of this scenario is uncertain, it adds an intriguing dimension to the speculation surrounding a possible Erling Haaland signing by Real Madrid.

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