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Real Madrid part ways with head of medical services at the club after several problems – report




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Real Madrid, one of the football giants, have parted ways of Dr. Mihic, the head of the club’s medical services. This was reported by Spanish outlet Marca. This move comes on the heels of a challenging year marked by various player injuries, with the latest blow being the setback suffered by Arda Güler.

Dr. Mihic joined Real Madrid in 2017, and from the outset, his unconventional methods raised eyebrows among some players. However, with the collaborative efforts of fitness coach Antonio Pintus, they successfully transformed the team into one of the most physically formidable forces in the sport.

Despite initial skepticism, Dr. Mihic’s methods contributed to the team’s overall physical prowess. Players were initially doubtful, but as the results became evident, confidence in the medical team grew.

Recurring issues

Unfortunately, the past year has been marred by a series of setbacks. Multiple players, including key figures like former captain Karim Benzema, David Alaba, and Dani Ceballos, have faced recurring physical issues, often in the same areas. This pattern of injuries has raised questions about the effectiveness of the medical team’s approach and has ultimately led to Dr. Mihic’s departure.

The Arda Güler injury, the latest blow to the team, serves as a clear indication of the challenges Real Madrid has faced on the physical front. The club has undoubtedly endured a turbulent period, grappling with the fallout of recurrent injuries that have affected key players.

Pintus helps

While Dr. Mihic’s departure signals a shift in the club’s medical leadership, it remains to be seen how Real Madrid will address the ongoing injury concerns. The collaboration between Dr. Mihic and Antonio Pintus had once successfully molded the team into a physical powerhouse, but recent setbacks call for a reassessment of the medical strategies in place.

Real Madrid’s management faces the crucial task of not only finding a suitable replacement for Dr. Mihic but also reevaluating the medical protocols to ensure the long-term well-being of the players. The challenges of the past year highlight the importance of a robust and adaptive medical team capable of addressing the unique physical demands of top-tier football.

As the club navigates this transitional phase in its medical department, fans eagerly await developments that will not only shape the team’s physical resilience but also impact its competitive edge on the football pitch.

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