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Real Madrid predicted to win La Liga EA Sports 2023-2024 title




Real Madrid is predicted to secure the La Liga EA Sports 2023-2024 title with an 80.5% probability, according to premonition by Opta, the British sports analysis company, via AS.

The analysis, based on the first 16 matchdays, places Atlético de Madrid in second position, followed by Girona in third. Barcelona is forecasted to finish fourth, an unusual position for the team since the 2005/2006 season when they ended up in sixth place.

Opta utilized Power Rankings, sports betting market odds, historical results, and each team’s recent performances to derive these insights.

By simulating the remaining matches thousands of times, factoring in the strengths of each club’s opponents, Opta generated thousands of potential final standings to predict how La Liga will unfold after matchday 38.

Predicted Probable Standings at the End of La Liga 2023/2024:

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Atlético de Madrid
  3. Girona
  4. Barcelona
  5. Real Sociedad
  6. Athletic Club
  7. Betis
  8. Las Palmas
  9. Getafe
  10. Valencia
  11. Rayo Vallecano
  12. Villarreal
  13. Osasuna
  14. Sevilla
  15. Mallorca
  16. Alavés
  17. Cádiz
  18. Celta
  19. Granada
  20. Almería

Top Contenders for Key Positions:

  • Real Sociedad is expected to secure the fifth position with a 41.8% probability, well ahead of Barcelona, the second team with the highest chances for the fifth spot at 15.9%.
  • Athletic Club, performing at a high level, is predicted to finish sixth with a 45.8% chance, followed by Betis in seventh with a 25.2% probability, securing the last European qualification spot for the Conference League.
  • Betis, however, could challenge for a Europa League spot, finishing seventh with a 43.2% probability.

Relegation Outlook:

  • Almería is predicted to finish at the bottom of the table with a 72.9% probability, followed by Granada in the penultimate position with a 41.5% chance.
  • Celta, currently struggling, has a 23% probability of finishing eighteenth, but they are considered less threatened than Almería and Granada.
  • Cádiz, currently in seventeenth place, has a 16.6% chance of relegation, while Alavés, despite being twelfth, has a similar risk at 16.5%.

Rael Madrid predicted to win La Liga title, while they currently sit second with two points from leaders Girona. These predictions provide an intriguing glimpse into the potential outcomes of La Liga EA Sports 2023-2024.

The final standings will be revealed at the end of the season, determining which teams secure coveted positions and who faces the disappointment of relegation.

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