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Real Madrid reflects on recent defeat: Between anger and analysis – report




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In the aftermath of a painful defeat against Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid finds itself oscillating between frustration and the quest for solutions.

While certain refereeing decisions have been questioned by the club’s leadership, the manner in which the defeat occurred immediately raised alarm bells among players and the coaching staff.

According to Marca, this 3-1 loss has prompted a period of reflection on the current state of the squad and how far it can go.

Injuries takes its toll

Injuries have gradually weakened the team’s structure, with four key players — Courtois, Carvajal, Militao, and Vinicius — missing from the derby clash at the Metropolitano.

While such absences are part of football, the lackluster performance of their replacements is cause for concern.

The aforementioned source also adds that Real Madrid cannot afford to think of this season as a transitional one. A squad was assembled in the summer in which the club continued to place its trust.

Belief in a comeback

After the defeat last night, the first thing is to look for the reaction of the players and the coach.

More is expected from them and they have transferred it from the very moment the derby ended. The comeback starts on Wednesday against Las Palmas.

However, the stumble in the first significant match of the season has left an unpleasant mark on the powers-that-be at Valdebebas.

Ancelotti’s tactics questioned

Carlo Ancelotti’s tactical decisions during the game have also come under scrutiny, especially given the match’s significance to the Madrid leadership, who witnessed their team fall far short of expectations.

The silver lining in all of this is that there’s another match on Wednesday, an opportunity to put the defeat behind them. But the reflection goes deeper than that.

Nobody doubts Ancelotti’s capability, but some of his decisions regarding the absence of key players and the tactical setup have raised questions. The unexpected choices of Lucas Vázquez, Rudiger, Alaba, Fran García, and the lack of contribution from Valverde and Camavinga were also notable.

There is time for correction and for the team to present a vastly improved performance. In a meeting held last Friday between Florentino Pérez, José Ángel Sánchez, and Carlo Ancelotti at Valdebebas, discussions revolved around the squad’s current state and the form of individual players.

Ancelotti’s decision to start Modric and Kroos, who are active legends of Real Madrid, didn’t yield the expected results.

It’s not just the veterans who disappointed; it’s the collective performance that concerns the club’s leadership.

The road ahead may be challenging, but it’s still early days in the season, and this defeat serves as a serious wake-up call. It has also highlighted some of the squad’s weaknesses.

The problem is that the season has only just begun its first month of competition, and Real Madrid is not known for making winter transfers to address shortcomings.

The priority now is to see a reaction from the players and the coach. More is expected from them, as has been made clear since the final whistle blew at the Atlético Madrid derby.

The revival must start on Wednesday against Las Palmas, with a clear resurgence of the energy that marked the beginning of the season but has gradually faded in subsequent matches.

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