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Real Madrid surprised by Manchester United’s £60 million offer for Casemiro – Gary Neville

Emmanuel Adjetey



Former Manchester United player Gary Neville says Los Blancos hit the jackpot when they heard that the Red Devils offered £60m pounds for Casemiro.

This was during a post match analysis after United lost to Nottingham Forest. He questioned the signings that United had made since the arrival of Ten Hag.

“They offer £60million for Casemiro and Real Madrid can’t believe their luck that they got offered their luck and Casemiro couldn’t believe his luck.” he said.

Pressure on Manchester United board to bring in signings

He also attributed the signing of Casemiro and Antony to pressure on the board after back to back defeats to Brighton and Brentford.

“What happened with Antony and Casemiro is that they got beaten by Brighton and then got beaten 4-0 by Brentford and there was an eight-day gap where all hell was breaking loose with the owners and the fans.” he added.

He further stated that there was a fear that Liverpool were going to beat United at old Trafford. This put the board into panic mode.

“There was a massive crisis, massive pressure and there was a match against Liverpool coming up where everyone thought they would come and beat Man United, so what do the Glazers do? They pump up the money to get the fans onside.”

The board should sometimes consider the players before signing them 

He finally concluded that a club must not always bring in the players a manager wants after careful evaluation.

“A manager at a football club will want a lot of players and sometimes as an owner you’ve got to say no. They should have said no to Antony – not because they’re not supporting Ten Hag but because the money was too much. Same with Casemiro, if he comes in at £15million and he’s on £100,000 a week on a three-year deal then bring him in. For a £60million on a five-year deal at £20million a year, you don’t bring him in.”

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