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Real Madrid to rename Sports City after Florentino Pérez.




A cluster of leaders from Real Madrid fan groups have taken it upon themselves to gather signatures from loyal members in order to rename Real Madrid Sports City in Valdebebas as ‘Ciudad Deportiva Florentino Pérez’.

Despite the challenges of the summer pre-season, this endeavor has been quite successful, and unless any unexpected obstacles arise, it will be presented for approval at the next Real Madrid General Assembly.

According to the regulations of the organization, the measure must be agreed upon by the representatives of Real Madrid, an act that was previously undertaken with the moniker for the stadium, an event that was thwarted due to the betrayal of the pact by the contingent managed by the corporation that submitted the offer.

In the last, Florentino Pérez spoke about the possibility of changing the name of the club’s football stadium from the current Santiago Bernabéu to his name: “We are never going to change the name of the Santiago Bernbaéu stadium. If you want to give me a name, I’ll tell you where to go.

“If the Bernabéu has already become a brand. It also wouldn’t make me feel good. But don’t insist on the (renaming of) Bernabéu because it seems that I’m behind it.”

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