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Real Madrid TV slams Xavi Hernández’s VAR controversy claims with sharp criticism




Following Xavi Hernández’s comments on the VAR controversy in the recent match between Real Madrid and Almería, Real Madrid Television (RMTV) responded with sharp criticism.

Xavi, the coach of F.C. Barcelona, suggested that there were issues with the refereeing decisions favoring Real Madrid in a 3-2 win over Almería.

In a fiery response on RMTV (via Marca), Miguel Ángel Muñoz stated, “It’s the world upside down, little birds shoot at shotguns, and that Xavi comes out making these statements never ceases to amaze.”

He dismissed Xavi’s remarks as a smokescreen and questioned the sincerity of the Barcelona coach.

Jesús Alcaide, the director of RMTV, raised concerns about Xavi’s long career at Barcelona, emphasizing that the club had allegedly been involved in questionable practices related to referees.

Alcaide stated, “It is curious that Xavi Hernández seems to find strange things happening in LaLiga now when, for 20 years, his club has been paying the vice president of the referees around 8 million.”

Alcaide further asserted that the entirety of Xavi Hernández’s career, spanning 600 games and numerous titles, is now under suspicion due to the ongoing investigations.

He linked Xavi’s comments to Barcelona’s challenging season, suggesting that the coach might be seeking to justify a disappointing performance.

The RMTV director accused Xavi of creating a diversion to avoid discussing the ongoing Negreira Case, which is currently under investigation by legal authorities.

He concluded, “This is a smokescreen to justify everything that is happening and so that the Negreira Case is not discussed. This is what there is.”

The exchange between Xavi Hernández and Real Madrid Television adds another layer of tension to the intense rivalry between the two football giants.

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