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Real Madrid veteran speaks following ‘unhappy’ draw against Betis




(Photo by Jose Breton/Pics Action/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Real Madrid veteran right back, Lucas Vazquez, shared his thoughts after the recent 1-1 draw against Real Betis at the Villamarin. The match showcased both the strengths and challenges faced by Los Blancos in their pursuit of victory.

Los Blancos initiated the scoring with a remarkable goal from their in-form midfielder, Jude Bellingham. The 20-year-old’s 12th league goal of the season reflected his growing impact on the team’s performance. However, Aitor Ruibal’s long-range strike for Real Betis leveled the score, denying Madrid the full three points.

Vazquez expressed his disappointment with the draw, emphasizing the team’s ambition to secure a win. He acknowledged the quality of Betis’ equalizing goal, describing it as an isolated move that resulted in an impressive finish. Despite the setback, Vazquez praised the team’s overall performance, highlighting their dominance in possession throughout the game.

“We’re not happy with the draw because we came here to win,” stated Vazquez. “The team had almost done enough to get the win, but they equalized in an isolated move that resulted in a very good goal. It’s a draw that doesn’t really go down well. We were all over them in terms of possession throughout the game. We played very well. Perhaps we were lacking a little bit of accuracy on the final pass, but the team controlled the game from start to finish.”

Head coach Carlo Ancelotti also reiterated his side’s positive performance in the game.

Vazquez commended the collective effort of the team, emphasizing the strong performance from the leading striker to the last defender. He pointed out that this cohesion is reflected in the team’s results, showcasing their consistency and effectiveness on the field.

“The team is doing a great collective job. From the leading striker to the last defender, they’re doing very well, and that is reflected in the results,” Vazquez affirmed.

Reflecting on his own experience, Vazquez expressed satisfaction with his extended time on the field. He stated: “It’s been a long time since I started, and it felt very good.” This sentiment highlights the player’s personal fulfillment and his crucial role in the team.

Looking ahead, Vazquez outlined the team’s objective, expressing determination to secure a victory in their upcoming match in Berlin. A victory for the Spanish giants will conclude a perfect win rate in the group stages of the Champions League this season. “That’s our objective. We’re going to Berlin to get a win that will make it 6 out of 6, which is what we want,” he declared. This statement underscores Real Madrid’s unwavering commitment to achieving success and maintaining their winning streak in the league.

Lucas played 83 minutes against Betis on Saturday afternoon, making 3 recoveries and 3 interceptions.

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