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Real Madrid worried about Arda Güler’s injuries




Real Madrid is facing a problem with Arda Güler getting hurt a lot. Arda came to Real Madrid as a talented player, but it’s been almost four months, and he hasn’t been able to play yet.

When Real Madrid got Arda Güler, they didn’t expect so many issues. The way they changed training, especially how tough it is, has been hard for Arda.

He used to have easier workouts when he played for Fenerbahçe. Now, he’s spending a lot of time in the doctor’s office at Valdebebas. They need to figure out how to fix this soon.

Arda hurt his leg again, and he won’t be able to play for another month. During the break in November, Arda talked to Carlo Ancelotti, the coach.

Ancelotti said Arda might be feeling sad because he can’t play. That’s why he’s been supporting Arda.

In their talk, Ancelotti said it’s okay for Arda to go back to Turkey for a bit. He hopes Arda can find a way to stop getting hurt so much and be as good as the other players.

Arda going back to Turkey is the latest thing he’s trying to do to fix this big problem. They thought everything was good when he played against Rayo Vallecano and Sporting de Braga.

They even thought he’d play in the Champions League game, but then he got another injury. This ‘Arda situation’ has been surprising for everyone.

It’s caused some changes at Real Madrid, like the doctor who was in charge of injuries got fired last week because of Arda’s problems and other things.

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1 Comment

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