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Real Madrid’s Courtois and Militao show recovery progress




Real Madrid’s injury situation sees positive strides with Vinicius and Camavinga’s return alongside Mendy’s imminent recovery, contrasting the extended absence of Alaba, Militao, and Courtois due to cruciate ligament injuries, setting a unique dynamic within the team.

Alaba’s recent injury setback has sidelined him for the remainder of the season, leaving a question mark over his readiness for the next campaign.

Meanwhile, Militao eyes a potential return to group training by late March, providing a much-needed boost to Madrid’s defensive depth, although Courtois aims for a comeback in May, placing reliance on Lunin and Kepa in goalkeeping duties.

Recent sightings at Valdebebas display Vinicius engaged in mild ball exercises, and Mendy closely working with coaches to ensure a cautious approach to avoid knee stress, showcasing Real Madrid’s meticulous care in managing these players’ rehabilitation journeys.

MADRID, SPAIN – JANUARY 07: Éder Militao player of Real Madrid is training at Valdebebas training ground on January 07, 2024 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Maria Jimenez – Real Madrid/Real Madrid via Getty Images)

The strategic return of these key figures fuels hope within the Madrid camp, yet the club remains vigilant, emphasizing the need to follow medical schedules without rushing the recovery process.

Ancelotti’s careful optimism about their progress echoes the club’s sentiment: “Their recoveries are on track; there’s no need to rush things.”

As the trio of Alaba, Militao, and Courtois strive towards recovery, their potential returns mark a pivotal phase in Madrid’s season, but the club maintains a tempered outlook, acknowledging the long and challenging road that lies ahead in their rehabilitation journey.

Real Madrid’s approach remains grounded, ensuring a balance between optimism for the return of crucial players and a cautious mindset to safeguard against any setbacks, underscoring the significance of these recoveries in the team’s quest for success.

Despite the growing optimism around the potential returns of Alaba, Militao, and Courtois, Real Madrid recognizes the delicate balance required in reintegrating these players into high-intensity games.

The club’s cautious approach emphasizes not pushing for their immediate involvement in decisive fixtures, prioritizing their complete recovery over short-term gains.

Ancelotti’s pragmatic stance aligns with the club’s philosophy, prioritizing the long-term fitness of the trio, acknowledging that their gradual return will be crucial rather than risking premature comebacks that might jeopardize their well-being.

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