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Spanish Super Cup; the injury status of Real Madrid’s midfield

Emmanuel Adjetey



All of Real Madrid’s midfield players are fit, arriving in Riyadh, the site of the Spanish Super Cup. Ancelotti recovers players in anticipation of Madrid’s first championship in 2023–24. This is a season in which injuries are a recurring factor for the white squad and few have been spared from the hospital.

Due to the advancements in medicine, every midfield player on the Madrid first squad will be accessible at the semi-final gates against Atlético de Madrid on Wednesday. This increases the number of possibilities available to the Real Madrid midfield coach. Although the Frenchman has already been forced to play center defense in two games this season (Osasuna and Mallorca), the core is Tchouaméni’s zone. Aranda was informed by Ancelotti that his ideal strategy does not go there. “He is a pivot and will only be a central defender in case of emergency. Nacho will be the central defender in the next game.” The words of Ancelotti.


Ancelotti had made it clear throughout the preseason that Tchouaméni will be a key component of his strategy this year. Aurélien started ten of the League’s first eleven games. He only ever ceased to exist once, during the Whites’ lone loss of the season at the Metropolitano.

After the Montjuïc injury, Ancelotti had to reorganize the parts. From that necessity sprang a notion that, as the games progressed, became crucial to this Madrid team, which has won 19 of its previous 20 games.

Valverde alongside Kroos

The Uruguayan has demonstrated that his contributions to the team come in a variety of forms. If his stature last season increased due to his entrance and goals. This season he has developed into Kroos‘ ideal escort, giving him the flexibility to oversee the game. As things are, it appears bold to participate in the White Scheme, even if Tchouaméni was the reference point when the original idea was conceived.

The plan to begin with

Modric and Kroos were on the bench as Madrid began the season in San Mamés. Ever then, the two flags of a legendary midfield have conveyed a message of perseverance.

There is no denying the German. For Madrid, his game management skills are invaluable. And in Valverde, he has discovered the ideal vehicle for expressing himself. Still, there isn’t much to teach about German.

Modric occupies a distinct place. It is obvious that the pressure Valverde and Camavinga are putting on him in his area might cause him to fade. According to his coach, Zlatko Dalic, “he is a warrior.” And the Croatian’s fiery nature is what drives him to never give up.  His style of play fuels his desire to argue, and he received a standing ovation at the Bernabéu when he defeated Mallorca.

Camavinga’s comeback signifies the return of a first unit player who is full of enthusiasm and essential to Ancelotti’s plans. The former footballer for Rennes has no spot on the bench.

With this panorama, the question is whether Ancelotti, facing Modric’s disobedience and Kroos’ command, puts the pieces in a different direction. Or does he return to the month of August? (Tchoauméni; Camavinga-Bellingham-Valverde).

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