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Real Madrid’s player handling criticized by Arsenal Director Edu Gaspar at the Golden Boy Awards




Edu Gaspar, Arsenal’s Sporting Director, shared thoughts on Martin Odegaard and Jude Bellingham, pointing out differences in their experiences at Real Madrid and Arsenal.

He mentioned that Odegaard, previously at Real Madrid, found more success at Arsenal. Edu thinks Odegaard’s time at Real Madrid might have been tough because he didn’t get many chances to play there. But at Arsenal, he’s doing great and is even one of their team leaders now.

“There are players who work well on one team and poorly on another. It depends on good moments, opportunities… our strategy is and was to sign young players, and he fit. He came on loan and then we decided to buy him,” said Edu Gaspar.

“We have been following Martin for many years and perhaps we have had the patience that others have not. Now he is one of our captains, enjoying himself, and is one of the recognisable faces of our team.”

On the other hand, Edu praised Bellingham’s progress at Real Madrid. He said Bellingham’s doing really well and brings a special quality to the team. Edu thinks Real Madrid did a good job recognizing Bellingham’s talent and letting him show what he can do on the field.

“Buffff, good question. You could already see in the Bundesliga that with his potential he could go very far but, when he arrives at Madrid and you start to see what he is doing, you realise that he is something special, different,” he told Marca, via Football España.

“Now you have to enjoy when you see him playing. We must congratulate Real Madrid and him for the great season he is having. Football is happy to have players like him. His presence is great news.”

Edu’s thoughts show how different clubs can affect a player’s career. Odegaard struggled at Real Madrid but found success at Arsenal, while Bellingham is thriving at Real Madrid. It’s a reminder that how a club handles young players can make a big difference in their development.

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