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Real Madrid’s unobstructed path to sign Kylian Mbappé as PSG opts against renewal




Real Madrid appears to have a smooth road ahead in securing the signing of Kylian Mbappé when his contract expires on June 30.

According to Diario AS, PSG currently dismisses the idea of presenting a renewal offer to the French star. The club’s focus is on ensuring Mbappé fulfills the agreed-upon terms by activating the clause extending his contract until 2025.

Real Madrid maintains a tense calm as they await developments. Adhering to FIFA regulations, the club refrains from making any moves until January 1, when the regulations permit Mbappé to negotiate with any interested club.

The PSG’s intention not to present a renewal offer is favorable for Real Madrid, as they won’t have to compete with a state-backed club’s lavish proposals. Instead, they can focus on convincing Mbappé with a compelling sports project and a financial offer. According to reports, Mbappé is expected to receive a salary of €35 million.

Sources from Paris also suggest that Mbappé traditionally extends negotiations until the last moment. This pattern was evident when, at the age of 14, he chose to join Monaco under Luis Campos, who is now a key figure in Paris. Similar last-minute negotiations occurred when he signed with PSG and renewed his contract just a season ago. Therefore, the saga is anticipated to continue.

After a tumultuous summer at PSG, where Al Khelaïfi took a firm stance, normalcy has returned around Mbappé. Despite Al Khelaïfi’s statement that Mbappé wouldn’t leave “without leaving money in the coffers,” and the club preventing him from joining the team’s Asian tour, the current stance, as per PSG insiders, remains unchanged.

There is no intention to offer a new contract; instead, the focus is on Mbappé fulfilling the terms agreed upon in the last renewal. Real Madrid finds itself in a privileged position with an effective short-term strategy. Vinicius has flourished, Bellingham has become a franchise player, and there’s an alternative to Mbappé in Haaland. Nevertheless, the path is clear for Madrid to convince the French star.

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