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Revealed: The day Kylian Mbappe cried because of Real Madrid




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The protracted saga of Kylian Mbappé’s transfer to Real Madrid has finally concluded, with the official announcement on June 3, just 48 hours after Real Madrid secured their 15th Champions League trophy at Wembley. This marks the end of a seven-year pursuit by the Spanish giants, who had been eyeing the French superstar since 2017. Despite numerous twists and turns, Mbappé is now set to don the iconic white jersey, fulfilling a long-held dream.

The Early Interest and Near Misses

Real Madrid’s interest in Mbappé dates back to his early days at AS Monaco, where he burst onto the scene as a teenage sensation. However, in 2017, Mbappé opted to stay in France, joining Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) instead of moving to Madrid. This decision was influenced by the promise of regular first-team football and the opportunity to develop in familiar surroundings.

Throughout his tenure at PSG, Mbappé’s connection with Real Madrid remained strong. The speculation reached fever pitch in 2022 when Mbappé’s contract with PSG was nearing its end. At that time, all signs pointed to a move to Madrid, a club that Mbappé had openly admired. “If I had left this summer, it would only have been for Real Madrid,” Mbappé told L’Equipe and RMC in an interview translated and relayed by Marca. “I thought my adventure here was over. I wanted something else. I’d been in Ligue 1 for six or seven years, I’d given everything to Paris and had done well. That was my thought, leaving was the next logical step.”

The Emotional Rollercoaster of 2022

One of the most poignant moments in this saga occurred in 2022. As his contract with PSG came to an end, it seemed inevitable that Mbappé would finally join Real Madrid. However, in a dramatic turn of events, he chose to renew his contract with PSG at the last moment. The renewal, concluded at the end of May 2022, was a significant emotional journey for Mbappé.

The day Kylian cried

In the same interview with relayed by Marca, Mbappé revealed the depth of his internal conflict during that period. “I got injured with the national team. I went home quickly, had time to cry while I had no games, then I came back, scored, and did well again,” he shared. This period of introspection and emotional turmoil underscored his deep connection to both PSG and his personal ambitions.

Mbappé’s decision to stay in Paris was not made lightly. He emphasized his desire to leave on good terms and not force an exit. “It would have been ungrateful. I wouldn’t have thanked a club that welcomed me at 18 and gave me four great years,” he explained. This sentiment highlighted his respect and gratitude towards PSG, a club that had played a pivotal role in his development.

The Final Chapter

The 2022 contract renewal did not deter Real Madrid’s interest. They continued to monitor Mbappé’s situation closely, confident that their perseverance would eventually pay off. Their patience was rewarded in the summer of 2024 when Mbappé finally made the move to Madrid as a free agent, just two days after the club’s historic Champions League victory.

This transfer marks a significant milestone in both Mbappé’s career and Real Madrid’s ongoing pursuit of footballing excellence. For Mbappé, joining Real Madrid is the realization of a dream that has been seven years in the making. For Real Madrid, acquiring one of the world’s most talented players reaffirms their status as a top destination for elite footballers.

The 25-year-old’s arrival at the Santiago Bernabéu is not just a major coup for Real Madrid but also a testament to the club’s unwavering ambition and Mbappé’s unyielding determination to achieve his dreams. This saga, filled with emotions, near misses, and ultimate triumph, will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most compelling stories in modern football.

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