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Ronaldo Nazario cheers on young talent Endrick with a message of ambition




Ronaldo Nazario is paying close attention to the moves made by Florentino Pérez in the football transfer world.

Even though he’s not officially connected to the club, the Brazilian legend is like a big supporter, especially for his fellow Brazilians.

He played a key role in bringing Endrick to Real Madrid, even naming him. Coach Carlo Ancelotti saw how important Ronaldo was in getting the talented Palmeiras player to join the team.

Just yesterday, Endrick had his first game with the Brazil national team, and it was a big deal. He not only showed off his skills but also broke a record – becoming the fourth-youngest player ever to debut for Brazil, a record previously held by Ronaldo Nazario.

Right after this, Ronaldo reached out to Endrick to congratulate him. He was happy for the young talent, showed him some love, and hinted that with Real Madrid’s support, winning the Ballon d’Or (a big soccer award) could be in Endrick’s future.

“You’re going to win the Ballon d’Or.”
“In Madrid, you’ll win the Ballon d’Or,” Ronaldo told the new Palmeiras player after the Colombia-Brazil match.

Even though Endrick only played for a short time, it was enough to break Ronaldo’s record and make a good impression.

With another chance to play against Argentina in the next game and Vinicius (another player) injured, Endrick has more opportunities to show his skills and become a well-known player on the international stage.

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