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Rüdiger: ‘If I don’t win Champions League with Madrid, it will be like a failure’




In the world of professional football, where success is often measured by trophies and titles, players hold onto dreams that fuel their determination and drive.

One such player is Antonio Rüdiger, a stalwart defender for Real Madrid, who recently shared his aspirations, challenges, and perspectives in a candid interview.

From his ambition to win the Champions League to his reflections on racism and unity, Rüdiger’s words provide a glimpse into the mind of an athlete committed to excellence both on and off the field.

Rüdiger’s pursuit of the Champions League trophy is nothing short of a personal mission, as he stated, “One of my biggest goals is to win the Champions League with Real Madrid. If I don’t, it will be like a failure. I’m 30, in my prime and I’m very hungry for titles with Real Madrid.”

In the face of skepticism from the media about his ability to defend against formidable opponents like Haaland, Rüdiger’s resilience shines through.

He revealed, “Marking Haaland? In the previous days, the media questioned if I would be able to defend Haaland. There were many doubts and if I’m honest with you, I love that atmosphere: I shine more when people doubt me.”

While Rüdiger personally hasn’t encountered racism in Spain, he doesn’t shy away from acknowledging its presence.

Reflecting on the experience of his teammate Viní, Rüdiger empathetically stated, “If you ask me if Viní suffers from racism, it is evident that he does. And when they insult him and are racist towards him, they are automatically racist with me, even if they have not told me directly. But this is not just a problem in Spain, it happens everywhere.”

Rüdiger opens up about his personal beliefs and pre-game rituals, sharing, “I’m a Muslim. I believe in God and that’s why I like to pray before games. I pray that all the players, those in my team and the rivals will not be injured and I also pray for all the people at the stadium. I don’t need much, just to pray.”

His faith serves as a source of strength and perspective, underscoring his commitment to the well-being of everyone involved in the sport.

Rüdiger’s candid words offer a multi-dimensional look into the mind of a professional footballer whose ambitions, resilience, and empathy shape his journey both on and off the field.

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