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Sergio Ramos addresses controversial unsigned Real Madrid jersey




Real Madrid legend Sergio Ramos recently found himself at the center of a storm as a video circulated on social media depicting him refusing to sign a Los Blancos jersey, sparking discontent among some of the club’s supporters.

The 37-year-old defender has since responded, shedding light on the incident in a tweet.

In the video, captured presumably after a training session, Ramos can be seen willingly autographing jerseys from his former clubs, Sevilla and Paris Saint-Germain.

However, he makes a deliberate choice not to sign a Real Madrid jersey, a move that raised eyebrows and led to criticism from sections of the fanbase.

Ramos took to Twitter to offer his perspective on the matter, stating, “Before that moment, I had already signed about 6 Real Madrid shirts, and then there are people who auction them or sell them on the Internet.”

His comments reflect a common frustration among footballers regarding the commercialization of their autographs. Ramos, like other players before him, highlights the practice of fans auctioning or selling signed memorabilia online for profit.

This sentiment underscores a growing tension between players and the commodification of their personal gestures.

This incident is not isolated, as players across various clubs and leagues have expressed similar displeasure when their autographs are used as financial assets rather than cherished mementos for fans.

The evolving relationship between players and supporters in the digital age prompts reflection on the genuine nature of fan interactions in an era where every move is under public scrutiny.

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1 Comment

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