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‘Sooner or later I would have to leave’ – Kylian Mbappé




n a pivotal moment at 25, Kylian Mbappé, now leading a post-Messi PSG and captaining the French national team, reflects on his role and the looming question: What’s next?

Following a frustrating Champions League draw with Newcastle, Mbappé, the record-breaking PSG goal scorer, opens up about the challenges of maintaining peak physical condition and the evolving landscape of European football.

“With Messi and Neymar leaving, we’re entering a new era,” Kylian Mbappé acknowledges, shouldering the responsibility as the mainstay of the PSG attack while talking in an interview with GQ Magazine.

Amidst swirling rumors linking him to Real Madrid, Mbappé remains resolute in his focus on the current season, Euro 2024, and the potential inclusion in the Paris Olympics.

Despite leading Ligue 1’s goal-scoring charts for five consecutive seasons, Mbappé emphasizes his quest for improvement, stating, “I always want to do more and be better in all areas.” French coach Didier Deschamps notes his progress, especially in heading, underscoring Mbappé’s dedication to becoming a more complete player.

In a holistic approach to training, Mbappé values diverse coaching styles, asserting, “I’ve learned different ways to do my job from six or seven different coaches. I’ve developed different facets of my style and never stopped growing. The right mentality involves listening and adapting.”

Recently appointed captain of the French national team, Mbappé embraces the broader perspective and responsibilities the role entails. “Being captain gives me a new, broader vision,” he shares, highlighting his evolving approach to the game.

Addressing concerns about the growing demands on players, Mbappé warns, “We’re getting closer to the NBA model with 70-game seasons. I’m not against playing many games, but we can’t always perform at our best or give the audience the show they expect.”

He calls for a collaborative solution to balance player welfare, spectator expectations, and football governance.

Beyond the pitch, Mbappé reveals his commitment to making a positive impact, citing LeBron James as an inspiration.

With his foundation, Inspired by KM, he supports youth development, emphasizing the importance of giving back. “I’ve been raised to help and share my good fortune,” he says, highlighting his desire to assist the next generation.

As Mbappé’s PSG contract approaches its end in June, speculation about his future intensifies. Despite offers from Al-Hilal and persistent Real Madrid rumors, Mbappé insists his decision will be guided by more than financial considerations.

“I want to win everything and leave my mark in the history of the French national team as a player who was significant,” he affirms, underscoring his focus on team success and personal growth.

In this era of heightened scrutiny, Mbappé’s drive remains unyielding. Whether aiming for Champions League glory or advocating for social issues, he emphasizes his commitment to excellence and influencing positive change.

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1 Comment

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