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Spanish Super Cup; prize money distribution

Emmanuel Adjetey



On Thursday, November 10, 2024, the Spanish Super Cup will get underway in Saudi Arabia at Awwal Park in Riyadh. This happens to be the Al Nassr stadium situated on the King Saud University campus. A multipurpose sports arena that can hold 25,000 spectators will serve as the site for the grand final on Sunday, January 14. It will also serve as the grounds that will host the two semifinals on January 10 and 11.

The clubs that will be competing are Real Madrid, the 2022–23 Copa del Rey champion. Barcelona, who won the previous edition will also be competing. As the third-ranked team, Atlético de Madrid should normally be in the second position. However, since Real Madrid held that spot and was already assured a spot in the Super Cup after winning the Cup, Simeone’s team is inextricably linked to that team.

Last but not least, Osasuna, who finished second in the Copa del Rey after losing to Real Madrid in the final versus Sevilla.

The RFEF earns 40 million euros for each edition. The majority going to the football pyramid. Six million euros will go to Real Madrid and Barcelona, over three million to Atletico de Madrid, and little more than one million to Osasuna. Making it to the Spanish Super Cup final would mean taking home yet another million dollars and another championship.

The Spanish Super Cup’s economic distribution is determined by some factors. It is determined by the titles that each team has. It is also determined by sports performance and viewership from television. And finally, it is determined by the clubs’ present share of the audiovisual rights distribution. In no circumstance do any club’s earnings surpass the sums they would demand to play a friendly outside of Spain.

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