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Super League unveils ‘potential date’ to kick-off the tournament




In a thrilling turn of events for football fans, the Super League is swiftly moving towards its much-anticipated kickoff in September 2025, with Secretary General Anas Laghrari expressing strong confidence in the project’s progress.

Laghrari revealed that talks with European clubs have reached a fervent level, with an impressive 20 teams showing great enthusiasm to join and another 30 on the verge of being convinced.

Despite the eagerness to start the tournament immediately, the Super League has clarified that the launch won’t happen in the upcoming season but is strategically planned for September 2025.

Laghrari highlighted that the competition’s aim is to feature the best of European football, including prominent English clubs.

Adding to the intrigue are reports of clubs quietly supporting the Super League while publicly opposing it.

Some teams have reportedly signed agreements behind closed doors, and interestingly, some clubs maintain a dual role—participating in the Superliga while outwardly expressing disapproval, reminiscent of Bayern Munich’s involvement in both the Superliga and the EuroLeague basketball.

While the names of participating teams are under wraps to avoid potential issues with UEFA, insiders suggest representation from major European leagues.

Superliga organizers are cautious not to reveal names prematurely, awaiting the March 14 decision from Madrid’s Commercial Court No. 17.

This decision is expected to provide legal clarity following the firm and binding judgment from the European Court of Justice, explicitly prohibiting retaliatory actions against those embracing the new project.

Addressing concerns about elitism, Superliga representatives counter UEFA’s criticisms, asserting that the project has evolved into an open, fair, and participatory competition.

As legal details continue to unfold and clubs prepare for this groundbreaking event, football enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the Super League’s kickoff in 2025.

The stage is set for a football spectacle that promises to redefine the European football landscape.



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