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The conversation between referee Munuera and Vinicius that has got everyone talking




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Real Madrid’s dynamic Brazilian forward, Vinicius Jr., is known for his fiery protests against referees’ decisions on the field.

However, in a recent encounter with referee Martínez Munuera during the Real Madrid – Rayo match, he displayed a different side of his personality.

In an exchange captured by ‘DAZN,’ Vinicius was seen conversing with Martínez Munuera about a foul he believed was clear. “But I have my back turned, if he touches me,” the young striker argued.

Referees are accustomed to facing more heated protests from players, and they appreciate when discussions about controversial plays are conducted in a calmer manner.

Martínez Munuera expressed his gratitude to Vinicius for their more composed exchange, saying, “But, listen, it’s good to talk like this. I’m telling you from the heart.” To which Vini added, “If he touches me a little, it’s impossible for me to stay on my feet.”

This interaction is not the first of its kind involving Vinicius and a referee. During a match between Real Madrid and Sevilla, Vinicius believed he was fouled by Jesús Navas and protested to the referee while heading to the locker room.

In a surprising response, referee De Burgos Bengoetxea admitted his mistake, saying, “I made a mistake, if I told you that.” In the footage captured by ‘DAZN,’ it’s unclear whether he was referring to the alleged penalty incident or another play from the match.

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