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The notable clauses included in Endrick’s Real contract; goals and appearance bonuses




Photo by Ricardo Moreira/Getty Images

In a momentous announcement, Real Madrid revealed their acquisition of the highly touted Brazilian talent, Endrick, in December 2022. The young prodigy is set to join the squad in the summer of 2024, adhering to FIFA regulations that restrict international travel for players under the age of 18.

FIFA guidelines also dictate that Endrick will be unable to partake in training sessions with the team until his 18th birthday on the 21st of July 2024. Nevertheless, he will have the opportunity to meet and bond with his new teammates during this period.

The intricacies of the signing are illuminated by the clauses embedded in the contract, recently disclosed by The Athletic’s Mario Cortegana. Real Madrid has committed to several provisions that underscore the strategic nature of this acquisition.

One notable stipulation involves a financial arrangement with Palmeiras, Endrick’s previous club. Real Madrid has agreed to pay €2.5 million for every five goals the Brazilian sensation scores, capped at a maximum of 25 goals. As it stands, with Endrick having notched an impressive 12 goals, Real Madrid is obligated to pay €5 million as part of this clause.

Beyond the goal-scoring clause, the contract includes various bonuses. Endrick stands to earn additional rewards for his first call-up to the Brazilian national team and his inaugural appearance in international competitions. Further add-ons are contingent on his performance and playing time after arriving in Spain, illustrating Real Madrid’s confidence in his potential impact.

The signing of Endrick not only signals Real Madrid’s investment in a rising star but also exemplifies their strategic approach to player acquisitions. With an eye on the future and a commitment to nurturing talent, Real Madrid seems poised to reap the rewards of this carefully orchestrated move in the seasons to come.

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