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The Super League announce ‘green-light’ from 20 clubs, competition now ready to begin – report




Since the European Union Court of Justice’s verdict against the UEFA and FIFA monopolies, the Super League has been actively working to establish its competition.

With the green light for its creation, the organization is in negotiations with numerous European clubs.

Since December 21, its leaders have held talks with around 50 teams, and about twenty of them have already given their “yes,” as confirmed by Anas Laghrari, co-founder of A22 Management, the driving company behind the Super League, in an interview with Ouest-France, via La Español.

“I don’t want to disclose their names because I don’t want to expose them,” commented Laghrari regarding the clubs most willing to join the Super League.

“Since December 21, we’ve spoken with around fifty different clubs. About twenty of them are very, very motivated by the project. We already have enough clubs to start a competition,” he revealed in the interview.

Laghrari also expressed optimism about the reception of the Super League by the public.

“Once everyone understands that having a genuine European pyramid is much fairer than a system where the fourth team in the Spanish League is worth more than the Belgian champion, people will gravitate towards this model,” he said.

€10 Paid Subscription: Details on Following the Super League

Regarding how the Super League will be followed worldwide, Laghrari provided more details. The organization has announced the creation of a streaming platform called Unify, where all matches of the competition can be watched for free.

“Why pay €40, €50, €60, or €170 per month, as in Spain, to watch football when you can do it for free?” Laghrari questioned.

“All matches will be free and will remain so forever,” clarified Laghrari, referring to the funding model through advertising.

Additionally, users can opt for a subscription service that “will be around €10 per month.” The Super League continues to progress with the aim of revolutionizing and boosting the football business.



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