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Three Real Madrid penalty takers chosen by Ancelotti revealed




The Real Madrid penalty crisis is now a thing of the past. After a season start that saw the team miss the first four penalties, 2024 has begun with a perfect record from the spot.

Joselu, against Arandina, and Vinicius, against Barça, have brought normalcy back to Madrid regarding a crucial aspect that can determine the outcomes of key matches.

Carlo Ancelotti, after analyzing the early-season struggles, has made a decision to assign three Real Madrid penalty taker players the responsibility of taking penalties: Vinicius, Bellingham, and Joselu, reports MARCA.

Although the latter will accumulate fewer minutes on the field, it will be the Brazilian and the Englishman who handle most penalty kicks. The decision on who takes the first spot will be based on the players’ on-field feelings.

In the Barcelona match, it was Vinicius who stepped up to take the penalty. Although Bellingham had the ball first, the Brazilian was on fire and aimed for a hat-trick.

Generously, Jude Bellingham conceded responsibility under one condition: “The next one is for me,” as captured by Movistar cameras. Vinicius accepted and thanked the Englishman after converting the penalty.

Jude Bellingham wasn’t initially in the list of penalty takers at the start of the season, but his skills and personality have propelled him to become one of the main penalty takers in 2024.

Modric and Rodrygo are also on the list, albeit in a secondary role. Currently, penalties are the domain of the team’s two main stars: Vinicius and Bellingham.

Real Madrid had a rough start to the season from the penalty spot, with Vinicius, Rodrygo, Joselu, and Modric all missing in the first four months of competition. However, recent successes by Joselu and Vinicius are erasing those early hiccups.

In the last decade, Madrid had three highly effective penalty specialists in Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, and Karim Benzema. Their departures prompted a redistribution of responsibility among several players, leading to uncertainties due to rotation and missed opportunities.

Now, with Vinicius and Bellingham taking charge, Ancelotti seems to have resolved the uncertainty and feels confident for possible penalty shootouts in knockout competitions. Other players like Joselu, Modric, Rodrygo, Kroos, and Carvajal are also recognized as strong penalty takers.

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