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Veteran Real Madrid player talks about how they used to discuss Mbappé




Photo by Diego Souto/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

In an interview with Spanish news outlet Relevo, veteran Real Madrid right back and captain Dani Carvajal told reporters how the team were concerned about the arrival of Kylian Mbappé at the club this summer.

The player is currently with the Spanish national team on international break.

When asked about the 24-year-old French star, the Spanish right back said: “I thought Mbappé was coming to Real Madrid. We [the Real Madrid players] were asking the French players: “hey, does this guy tell you anything?”

Did the players think Mbappé would come this summer?

“I’m not going to lie to you and I’m going to tell you that they didn’t talk, but there were all kinds of opinions in the pre-season after-dinners: “Well, I think he’s coming, well, I don’t think so…”

Dani Carvajal further said: “I thought he was coming. At the moment when he did not travel to the Japan tour…”

“At the moment when he was out of the tour, we saw his signing close. Then it seems that everything twisted a little and did not come.”

Leaving his injuries behind

“I am very happy about it. Injuries for an athlete are the most frustrating, when you link relapses you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very proud of myself, of my family who have helped me, of my friends..”

“I am very proud to have been able to overcome it. I would tell you that that comforts me much more than some title that I have achieved because they are stones in the path that you overcome and that morally hits you with a high.

Importance of mental health in football

“Mentally in football there are many emotions, many moments of form and moods. You should try not to be influenced by your personal life in sports and sport in your personal life.”

“Separate it, know that it is a very passionate job, in which you respond to many people. In Madrid and in the National Team I am an image and I must know what I represent.”

About his diet

“I have removed the gluten from my diet and I avoid a lot of red meat, I only take it on the few days. Also doing a good preparation with supplementation, in the post-games.”

“I send a greeting to Itziar (his nutritionist), he has allowed me find a good balance.”

Joselu, whom he has a close relationship with

“I am very happy for him, we already had a very good relationship before meeting my wife (their wives are sisters), I went to meet his son a long time ago and thanks to our relationship I have met the woman of my life and I have two children with her.”

“Now we have a much stronger family relationship. I feel very proud. He is 33 years old and I see the face of illusion with which he faces every game and every training that he says: “fu*k, this is the beauty of football and Real Madrid, which means for the people.”

Why Joselu did not choose the number 9 shirt

“The thing about the number 9, the truth is that I don’t know, I haven’t asked him. I imagine they didn’t let him choose or I don’t know, I wouldn’t know how to tell you.”

Did you ask José Ángel Sánchez about Mbappé?

“No, we were asking the French players.”

Open arms to Mbappé in 2024…

“Let’s see… He’s one of the best and the best have to play for Real Madrid.”

The adaptation of new sensation Jude Bellingham

“I was not around for the adaptation of players like Cristiano or Ramos. But since I’ve been here I’ve never seen an adaptation like Bellingham’s own. Not only sports, which he offers a very high performance, but also in the locker room, the relationship with us.”

“He comes with high pressure, he cost a lot of money, all the spotlights are on him. From the first moment he stays and talks with players, he talks with one, and another, he jokes. He trains and stays to work. I think he is a fantastic boy who has fallen on his feet.”

Does Jude speak Spanish?

“He tries, he tries to relate. He still doesn’t talk much, but he says his words and thus understand you, that is appreciated.”

Have the new captains had any meetings to change things after Benzema’s departure?

“No, we haven’t nuanced anything. We have been in the same direction for so many years that we have to continue in the same line as we had. I am very proud to be one of the captains.”

“When I had to wear the armband, imagine the pride I feel. Personally, wearing it gives me extra strength. Being captain of Madrid, imagine what it means for me and my family, for me it is very special that they feel proud of me.”

Did the captaincy convince Nacho to stay?

“I think so. Nacho is a club man, he loves Real Madrid above all things and being able to be the captain as he is, is something that in your career will remain forever. I think it’s something of weight that influenced him.”

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