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Vinicius Jr. calls for action against racism in solidarity with Mike Maignan




Real Madrid‘s Vinicius Junior has joined the wave of support for Milan’s goalkeeper, Mike Maignan, following a recent racism incident during a Serie A match against Udinese.

The Brazilian forward, who has experienced racism himself since joining La Liga, took to social media to deliver a powerful message, stating that “it is time to imprison the racists.”

Vinicius, no stranger to racial abuse, expressed his solidarity with Maignan by reposting the French goalkeeper’s message on Twitter.

Mike Maignan had earlier remarked, “‘Talking alone won’t change anything.’ These are Maignan’s words. It is time to imprison the racists so that they feel ashamed of who they are,” affirmed the Real Madrid player.

Acknowledging those who genuinely support the fight against racism, Vinicius added, “I appreciate those who truly support our struggle and regret those who only appear with empty words to gain media sympathy. Always with you, Maignan,” he concluded hours after Real Madrid’s victory against Almería.

Vinicius, who himself has been a target of multiple racist incidents, has consistently expressed his commitment to the fight against racism. On this occasion, he stands in solidarity with Maignan, emphasizing the need for concrete actions against racism.

The Milan goalkeeper faced racial insults in Udine, prompting him to leave the field and resulting in a 10-minute interruption of the game. The incident has once again highlighted the pervasive issue of racism in football and the urgent need for collective efforts to combat it.

This incident comes at a time when the issue of racism in football has gained increased attention globally. Players, clubs, and governing bodies have been actively advocating for stronger measures to address racism, such as stricter punishments for offenders and improved education programs.

Vinicius Junior’s outspoken stance adds to the growing chorus of voices demanding tangible actions to combat racial discrimination within the sport.

Football’s governing bodies, including FIFA and UEFA, have recognized the severity of the issue and have implemented initiatives aimed at eradicating racism from the game.

However, the recent incident involving Mike Maignan serves as a stark reminder that more needs to be done to create a truly inclusive and respectful environment for players of all backgrounds.

Vinicius’ call for the imprisonment of racists underscores the urgency for society, football institutions, and lawmakers to collaborate in implementing effective measures that can bring about lasting change and eliminate racism from the beautiful game.

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